Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fin the Goat Herder.

Parents like to imagine what their kids will be when they grow up. Goat Herder, never crossed my mind until the day we visited Butterfield Acres.

Ky was Ky, nurturing and sweet. She stayed in the same corner, singing, snuggling and sneaking in the occasional kiss (I kept telling her not to Kiss that Dirty goat, the little Sneaker.)

Bridgey was all bubbly with enthusiasm, bouncing from one goat to another, freely giving away unwanted hugs to unsuspecting goats. And, if this wasn't enough to pronounce his love, there were sweet squeaky sentiments: "Your so cute!", "Look Mom, He loves me!"

But, with Fin it was all Business!
  • "Ooooout! Puppy!"
  • "Gooooooo!"
  • "No, no, no! OUT!"
I'm hoping this is an a prediction of future leadership, rather than a repressed need for the youngest child to boss someone around. Actually it was the first time I noticed how much Fin likes to be in charge, it was hilarious. She went from goat to goat, pointing and yelling, it probably seemed obnoxious to other visitors but I was just doubled over with laughter.

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julied said...

that is cute. it's funny all their different personalities that begin to unfold as they get older. i love the pictures of ky with the goats! such a sweetie