Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Threats of a 4 year old: "If you do, you won't be my Best Friend!"

"Kyanne, can you shut the baby gate?"
"Please obey. Close the baby gate."
"No. I don't have too. If you make me you won't be my best friend! And, I will spank you Mom!"

. . . .And, so goes life around the Larsen home. I've been reading books, praying, and discussing discipline styles with Jess, and anyone else who will listen (including but not limited to Ky's preK teacher, grandparents, and random strangers in the Superstore line.

A friend of mine (Thanks Heather) sent me this article by the Arbinger Institue, and it has been more helpful in handling this "New Phase" as it often gets trivialized, than all the books I've read this year combined. I think I read it in college, but you can guess it didn't mean as much then.

It has made such an impact on me, and the happy spirit in our home today, I had to share.

To read Click Here. (It's called the Parenting Pyramid. Scroll down and there will be a link to the PDF).

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