Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Heart Pres. Monson

Excerpt from Ky's lunch prayer:

"And, thank you that we could have a witch that crashed into the door, and that we could decorate for Halloween. And, thank you for the storm and the rain clouds, please bless them. And, Please Bless this meeting. In the name......."

Life is so fun-filled here at home. Each day is filled with little character building moments (see previous post), as well as magic moments like this sweet prayer. I can't believe how lucky I am to be here at home each day.

As I listened to President Monson's talk in conference about not being so focused on the past or the future but, making the most of "Today", I decided to rededicate myself to this. Everyday is a party, and we get to choose which one.

Today we had a cocoa/marshmellow party, and yesterday was a Halloween decorating party. And, were thinking about having another making decorations party on Thursday. My quality of life is so much better when I focus on having fun, along with all the other things I get to do each day.

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Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Well i heart pres. Monson too!

You get point for the banner, and posting on both sites. now you would get even mor entries if you blog about it!! get moving!

Thanks i love this whole thing! I am having so much fun!!