Friday, September 7, 2007

"Can I marry Bridgey. . ."

I feel bad for not having kept up on this over the summer, because I've missed recording so many darling things Ky says. But, here's a few as of late.

At Home Depot Ky kindly explained to the man of many earrings that, "earrings are for girls, not for boys."

Reading before bed she said, "When I'm Jesus, I will play with the kids too."

In July Ky kept asking for "sparklely pink teeth" for her birthday. It was a mystery to me until Sunday when she said "look mom, that guy has sparkle-ly teeth." Referring to the man with braces sitting within hearing distance of us.

Watching Cinderella, she explained that "she's running to God, because he's really nice mom." (referring to the Fairy Godmother).

"Mom I'm going to marry daddy." Mom- But, I'm married to daddy. "Then can I marry Bridgey?"

This morning she sweetly woke me with a kiss and asked if she could climb up and snuggle with Baby Rusty (who is still in my tummy).

Last night I was just tickled when she kindly reached in the popcorn bag to refill my empty lap. It was such a thoughtful gesture as she had a full lap, and I hadn't said anything about my empty one.

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