Sunday, August 26, 2007

"I Dressed Myself" -the button.

Where do you find a button maker at a time like this? It's not in the yellow pages under Button Making, I know I've looked. I just need a few buttons that say, "I dress myself". And, maybe one that says, "My dad picked out these clothes." Ky's at that age, where I would rather keep my sanity, and my hair, rather than force her to wear anything that matches. Her dad on the other hand just has to sprinkle some daddy charm and, "poof" she obeys. This is where the "My dad picked out these clothes" button comes in.
Last week I was a little behind getting ready for church, so Jess took over dressing the kids. Mistake, I know. I'm the mom who had to hang my head in shame as my 'little orphan' daughter walked around with syrup in her matted hair, and two different shoes. No exaggeration. I'll have to make more time on Sundays. But, there's still the daily fashion dilemma. Remedy: Daddy's charm. Beg, borrow, steal, I just need a little.

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