Sunday, August 26, 2007

Love, a mathematical equation?

Question for any, more than first time moms or mothers of the fruitful genre. Do you love your 2nd child, more than you loved your first at birth? Sounds unfair, I know. When Ky was born I just loved her to pieces, but nothing in comparision to how much I loved her 2 years later. This is when Bridge was born, 2 years after Ky. And while, it would seem fair for him to start at the bottom, like his sister had to, 'life is not fair for Canadians' as Grandpa says.
I loved him as much as I loved her the moment he arrived! So, Jess and I were doing the math, Ky: 0, Bridgey: 2 yrs, Rusty? Does Rusty get to start at 3 years of love because that's how long I've been practicing my motherly love, or do we count, Ky's 3 years plus Bridgey's 2 years, equaling 5 years of love?
Okay so this is really just a silly post to say, I love how my love as a mother grows exponentially with each child. It's truely amazing. I've heard both my mother and my mother in law, say that when they were pregnant with their 2nd they were nervous they wouldn't be able to love the 2nd baby as much as they loved their first. Of course all those who know Jason, Chris and me (my mom's first, 2nd, 3rd) know this is just silly. I'm the 3rd and the "obvious" favorite, well there has been talk of Chris taking claim on this spot, but who can trust hearsay.

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