Thursday, March 22, 2007

In the words of a small child: "Ky-nan"

Undressing a Store Mannequin & pointing between the biceps: "Baby's Milk!"

Doing bills, I sighed and said to myself, "awhh...we need money."
Kyanne so sweetly said, "It's okay mom, I better go buy you money."

Kyanne: "What does the cow say?"
Mom: "Moo"
Kyanne: "What does the cat say?"
Mom: :"Meow"
Kyanne: "What does Jesus say?"
Kyanne: "He says, 'Hellllooo- Friend."

Ky quoting 'Nachooo'
"Dad, get me 'strechy pants'."
"Bridge, when you a man..."

Brushing her hair: "Don't brush my bum"
In the words of Papa. "See ya Bee ya!"
in a sqeaky voice"...don touch my tuff mom
or you go corner

"You Tinker...You Tinker...You Tinker..."

I bumped Ky she said, "It's okay sweetie"
Man, she's cute!