Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Toddler-less Weekend

Mommy was having a melt down Thursday night. Jess was in Texas and helpless, so he called my mom, who then innocently called offering to render her motherly and grandmotherly services in any and every way possible. It was sweet, and she ended up meeting me in Milk River to pick up Kyanne. I was really excited for the free time weekend, but when they drove away I had a surprising ache in my stomach. It dulled and I had fun scrapbooking all day Friday and Saturday. But, by Saturday evening, it started to seem too quiet. I began to miss waking up at 6 am to a smiling face saying, "I watch Teehouse, mum" or "I want Cherrios mom" or "Mom, get up..." followed by excessive arm tugging. I picked her up today, and even though she has had no nap today, a cheesy chip face, and was very grouchy, I realized how much I missed her -all of her, the charming and not so charming two year old self, alike. At the same time I cherish that awesome weekend, my mom gave me. I love having Nanna so close! :)

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