Saturday, March 24, 2007

Scrapbooking: An old hobby REVisted

So, I got so tired of scrapbooking a few years ago. It just seemed so overwhelming. All the papers, ribbons, tapes, glues, tools, organizers, brads, eyelets, stickers, plastics, and on and on. And, if that wasn't overwhelming enough, lets throw in, I don't know... about 600 unscrapped photos, and 100s of untold stories. It was too much work and not enough fun, so I decided to hang up my decorative scissors.
But then I met Cathy Z. Well, technically I read her book, kind of like meeting her. Anyhow, there was this great chapter called, "Permission Granted". It said things like, "Permission granted to scrap non chronologically, to put most photos in a boring photo album and only scrap the ones you love, permission granted to throw away photos, permission granted to scrapbook in whatever form is fun to you." Now why I couldn't just give myself permission to do these things years ago....who knows.
But, when I read this, the stress and neg feelings I previously associated with 80 cent paper and acid free glue sticks, vanished. Not only did I decide I would only scrapbook a few photos, ones that I loved for one reason or another, but I would no longer focus on how cute the page was or even the photo. Instead I now focus on the stories I have to tell. Sometimes it's just a random story about one of the kids and I just pick any photo, other times it's just something in the background like a piece of furniture that's special to me.
Scrapbooking to me is now all about remembering our family, life, odd moments, experiences, what we love, what we don't, funny quirky things, and anything else I feel so inclined to write about. I love it. It's so wide open, so creative.

Journaling Ideas:
Add a verbatim conversation, a list of favorite things, a to do list from your planner, a letter from your mom, a comparison chart, family daily schedule, why you love your Hoover x22, emails, pet peaves, how to's,what I know at..., recipe for.., things you might hear around our home, ect.) Be creative and let others get to know you through your photos and *your writing about real, ordinary, Life.