Monday, July 27, 2009

Book Excerpt: The Creative Family

Our Summer Theme: Creativity

I'm reading a book called: The Creative Family. Here's an excerpt:

I encourage you to think about letting your child be the guide, director, and teacher, while you try to be a student. Your role is to provide the environment and to watch and learn. Try to forget and put aside all the things running around in your mind-- all the lists that need completing, all the distractions of your day, and all the mess that you might be making (don't even think about the cleanup process yet). Focus on your child. Watch. Never forget to play (and if you've forgotten how, just watch your child).

As difficult as it may be to shift your thinking from that of adult responsibilities such as cleaning up, try as hard as you can to think a bit differently about your chilren's "messes." When your child stomps through a puddle, try to think of the experience gained. When your child slips her hands right into that puddle, think of the way she is touching the earth, getting a sense for how things change in the soil. All of their messes are really lessons about life and the earth. Don't be afraid to get dirty. Be in the moment as much as you possibly can, and follow your child's natural, creative imagination where ever it may lead you both.

It's a great book. Two thumbs up.


Carrie said...

A good reminder for all of us.

Scott and Lorri said...

I am a huge believer in letting my kids just go and learn outside. They are washable and I love playing with them. We had huge rains, so I took my kids outside and we played in the rain and the puddles. Kaydee's pink outfit turned into a chocolate color. But hey that's what washing machines are for! I love learning from them because being a mom can be so boring, being a kid is way more fun. p.s. I updated my blog just for you.