Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Happy Birthday. . .

Anyone who knows me well knows that your one of my dearest friends, so I'll skip the mushy post and just say your a forever friend and that's hard to find (because that wasn't mushy at all!) P.S. I am Lovin' that scarf! It's so. . . Stephaniesque?

Happy Birthday you old woman, you!

The night wasn't without a bit of puking and alot of sneezing!
(Thanks Dave for the Allegra- I'm Hooked)

What's more romantic than the fair or Stampede in this case. When I was little I equated romance and my parents at the Lancaster Fair Grounds. Silly, I know but there was something magical and carefree about my parents when we went to the fair each year, they'd hold hands and smooch alot. Maybe it's the Ferris wheel? Is that it Rach?

And, last but not least what would a Stampede date be without a ride down the slide. I wouldn't actually know due to my fuzzy head but the picture tells all.


motherofangels said...

So sad i had to miss it. Looked like fun!

Ang said...

Aw Cute! Looks like you guys had a blast! Happy Belated Birthday Rachel!

Rod & Karen said...

Hey that's my sister! She's famous! And look at all the people who get together just for her. Looks like fun!

whitney said...

Oh I am so sad! It's just not fare that it's other girls doing that fun stuff with you and not me and Jill. I mean I'm sure those gals are great, but I miss you!
PS, you better some down sometime soon, you still owe me a dinner date at cheesecake.