Sunday, November 2, 2008

Identity Crisis, Parties, and alot of Candy!

Halloween was super fun this year. The kids and I spent the whole month of October celebrating. We made treats and crafts, through parties, went Trunk or Treating where Ky got to go up on stage with a 'real Magician' (she was so nervous, she stared at the crowd and had a hard time answering his questions. And, of course we went Trick or Treating on Halloween night. Afterwards the kids handed out candy, while there dad and I had a romantic dance with the lights down low and a few kids tugging at our legs.

Here's some fun pictures of the the fam. Jess dressed up as his Grandpa Bridge, and Bridgey was forced into this Spiderman costume (he doesn't really get the dressing up part yet) and Ky had an identity crisis half way thru Halloween day. Snow White-Spider Man? A "Princess Witch"? In the end Snow White won out. She always does.


Carrie said...

I love that Spidey is holding a hammer! They're all super cute.

John Boy said...

Hey Steph. Was looking for a link for email msg, but I will put a note right here. Just wanted to comment that you are so great. My wife is just beside herself talking about all the response and donations from your giveaway. you may not realize, but apart from the awareness that you are helping raise, along with donations, I think that greatest gift has been lifting Mimi's spirits. You can imagine the weight on her shoulders. It is this type of thing that is one of the few ways she can get her spirits up. Thank you so much. You are an angel. You have done what few can do. We both feel so helpless. Almost suffocated with our inability to help her, so again, you have done so much. Mimi loves you. It isn't enough to just say it, but thank you for caring enough to take action. you were inspired. I wish there was more I could say to express my gratitude.