Monday, November 24, 2008

Flying our Family Flag... Any Ideas???

A friend of mine is making a family flag, Jess and I want to do one too. How fun for a kid to get the job of flying the family flag each Monday for Family Home Evening. I had another friend who did something similar, but they would sing a family song every Monday that said all the things that defined their family.

For Example our flag would say somethings like:

  • Like to Have Fun! (Our Family Motto.)
  • Love the Gospel
  • Are Cheerful
  • Speak Kind Words
  • Make Time for Family
  • Find Joy in All Things
  • Work Hard
  • Love to Serve Others and Each Other
  • Make Lemonade out of Lemons
Do any of you have family mottos? Or did you do anything like this with your family growing up? I'm looking for more ideas... what would your family flag say to describe you?


Amber said...

What a cute idea! I'm not crafty at all, so this is way out of my league. I'll pass it on to others, though.

Brad said...

All you need is polka dots and the rest will be fine. It's all about the polka dots.

whitney said...

Oops that was me. I am the one who has a secret love affair with polka dots not Brad. And I know you do too so don't deny it!

Anonymous said...

All I can come up with is Marcus' patented prayer - "Help us be good, not cry, and share the gospel"! Maybe listen to what your children pray about...and pretty it up a bit:) Great idea, by the way!

Keeping Up With The Joneses said...

No ideas but our family did that at a family reunion. There were like over 100 families! And we all lined up the falgs on the front yard it was awesome. Oh ooh ooh ooh I'm making a prayer rug for our family to kneel on during family prayer evey night and each person will have their own spot to kneel on and in each spot will have their favorite scripture story stiched or painted or somehow represented there. Maybe you could do something like that for your flag? K there I left an idea.

Kayla Boo :) said...

haha honestly steph, just have an A&W can and a pizza box on it and there yah go haha :)