Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Angels Among Us.

Finley did her first somersault today... off the stairs! After which, she stood up and smiled like a true performer... Ta-Daaa! I stood up and nearly fell over due to the adrenaline rush to my heart. Awh, That baby! I can't believe how much trouble these kids get in and how little they get seriously injured. Surviving childhood is truth enough that there are angels among us.

Bridgey fell from the breakfast bench to the floor, with his neck breaking his fall on the corner of the table. It's hard to explain what happened in a way that would help you understand the panic I felt, but let's just say I think I quit breathing for a full minute.

While chatting it up with a friend, I off handly told her that sometimes I fall right to sleep forgetting to pray and in a sobering tone she replied, 'Don't forget those. You need to pray for your children every night.' I thought about this. And, how the scriptures tell us to pray every night for our
well being and that of our household. I was touched by what she said and how she said it.

Still, I'm grateful that even the nights I forgot, Heavenly Father doesn't. I find comfort in knowing He loves my little ones even more than I do, that I'm not all alone in caring for them, and ultimately in the end He's in control. I'm so thankful that when my best isn't enough, Heavenly Father is there to make up the difference.


Scott and Lorri said...

Wow Blogging is awsome cause I'm finding so many friends. It's no fun being a loner out in the country. But since I started blogging I don'e feel so alone. You are amazing with you craftiness. Um...I am so not that creative, but I'm great at admiring. I love your photos, they give me some great Ideas. my e-mail is Your kids are adorable!

Tanya said...

I hear you Steph! Once when Marcus was in the hospital a good friend told me that if the safety of her children depended on her watchfulness alone, all three would be dead by now. Sad, but truly comforting to know that after all we can do, Heavenly Father makes up the difference!