Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do you Snoop?

S0, I'm a total Snooper! Facebook, Blogger... all fabulous for a bored snoopy mom! Truthfully, I don't get bored too often with 3 kiddies, home blessings (alternately known as house drudgery...depends on the mood), projects and other family stuff, but when I do find the occasional moment, I like to fill it up with something really useful like frivolous snooping.

For all those looking for more time wasters theres:
Any other fun ones that you like to read?


Michaela said...

I am off to snoop. Thanks for the links.

MARTHA said...

is one of my favorites websites.

LindsayB said...

i loooove to snoop, that's why i'm here. and it looks like i've got some more to do with some new links!