Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Turning over some new Leaves

This Fall the Larsen Family has turned over some new leaves.

1. Mom got organized! It's been a perilous journey but, Hooray for little ol' frazzeled me! It started with the Pantry. Yes, our pantry no longer has 7 gallons of paint (literally), saws at random, caulking guns and adhesives for all occasions. I'm feel so empowered! Look out Linen closet! (if I'm not back in a few hours send in the dogs!)
2. Ky started "real school" as she calls it. Don't even try saying preschool or prepare to be corrected with a light scolding to boot! This is serious business. She goes to real school now, which apparently means many things, such as she's "almost an adult", needs a backpack even if she can't bring it to school, and no longer takes naps.

It's crazy how expensive it is too. Preschool? or Feed a small country? I guess we'll go with preschool? Everyday we are woken to the same 3 questions.
  • Can I watch Treehouse?
  • Will you make me breakfast?
  • Do I have school today?
It's sweet how she loves preschool (I figure I'm safe since the 'almost adult' can't read yet). Her teachers name is Mrs. Hamilton, (she's taught pre-k for 25 years) and she has 10 classmates. Her favorites being Jayden, Area, Tiley, and Montana. I could do without the ATTITUDE she brings home on school days, but other than that were pretty happy for her. Bridgey misses her lots during those two hours, but we usually can keep ourselves pretty amused with Ikea hotdogs or something until it's time to go get Ky.
3. Bridgey has started talking and whispering. I am so happy. We went through a horrid stage of screeching and shrill screaming (It was torture). I was worried I wouldn't make it through, but alas we did, hearing and all.

He is now a full on conversationalist, and we can even understand a few words here and there. Ky's really good at understanding him, so sometimes we get her to translate for Bridge and Finn. Her Fin translations:
  • "Fin says she wants to share her cookies with me, isn't that nice?"
  • "Fin is saying she's awake" (she's asleep in her room)
  • "Fin is saying she likes my dress and when she's bigger she wants to borrow it."

4. Hooray for Jess! His company has really taken off. I am so proud of him. He's so visionary, even when it's not so apparent to everyone else. It's been so fun having him work from home, and having a consistent schedule for family time.

5. Jess has been dubbed: "Pooh Master" -(a moment of silence please). I've always loved him, but now it's got to be twice as much. I hate when baby poo's make that 'People Poo' transition. It really grosses me out. And, worse is when your Heavy Weight starts begrudging your invasion of 'his personal spaces', and sends a few "kicks to the face" your way.

6. Fin officially became a walker at 9 months. She took her first little wobbly steps about a month ago. She's our "smart baby", our very own Livi. She's delighted with herself.

7. Family Home Evening every week. This leaf is one we all love, even Jess and Meg who do a fair amount of whining. A friend of mine shared with me their fhe routines which included testimonies each week. I love this idea so much we've decided to adopt it. The kids stood at the fireplace to say their testimonies on Sunday and it was so sweet. Ky's went on for a good solid 5 mins. She's such a grateful little girl.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

great update!

I need to turn ove that FHE leaf too! youmake it sound so magical. I am collectingmy tools and will begin soon! We should swap ideas sometime!

Susie said...

I might as well let it be known that I am snooping in on you too. You and your kids crack me up, never a dull moment. Ok I'm totally down with the girls getaway but hear ya about dumping 3 kids on your husband, ya gotta make it work. Girls nights are always worth it.

MARTHA said...

I loved the newsy update. Your life is right on track with three kids.

Good for you incorporating FHE. You'll be blessed I can bear testimony to that.

"If the Saints obey this counsel [to hold regular family home evenings], we promise that great blessings will result. Love at home and obedience to parents will increase. Faith will be developed in the hearts of the youth of Israel, and they will gain power to combat the evil influence and temptations which beset them." (First Presidency letter, 27 April 1915 - Joseph F. Smith, Anthon H. Lund, Charles W. Penrose, emphasis added)

Love you Steph!

Tanya said...

I'm so happy to hear the stage of shrill screaming comes to an end. Or maybe you're one of those Moms who understands how to help move it along. You'll have to give me some tips.
And Congrats on having Pooh Master around!! I would say I'm jealous, but the title makes the person a little less appealing, don't you think? just a thought:)