Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If only she knew.

These have to be some of my favorite pictures ever. Kyanne spends most days pretending to be someone else, usually Princess Snow White, Giselle or her friend Lexi. But, she's never too interested in just being Kyanne. If only she knew 'Kyanne' is a princess too.

I'm surprised day after day by her tenderness and concern for others. She's such a grateful child thankful for the simplest things: dinner, dishes, puffy sleeves, clean 'Butterfly Jammies', reading a book, holding her hand. She's kind to her brother, even when her friends aren't, and she humbles me daily as she happily forgets and forgives my Motherly short comings. Aside from all this most days she has me in stitches with comments like: "Your pretty mom (pause), I like your bum." or "Look mom, I'm wearing my gardens to preschool (referencing the slip under her clothes)", or "When I'm the Mommy and your the kid...".

She's a slice of Heaven, I'm so lucky.

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Jillian Daylong said...

i miss her face!! come visit please.

MARTHA said...

I love it Stephanie. You capture the delight, concern, and adventure of motherhood in every post.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I love your beautiful blog! It's like a flowery retreat and I will come here when I need a focus adjustment:)