Thursday, February 14, 2008

Confessions of "That Mom"

"That Mom". It's such an versatile phrase full of cynicism and insinuation. Today as I used this ambiguous phrase, I couldn't help but contemplate which part of 'That mom' I am. I suppose...

I am "That Mom" who hangs the kids latest and greatest on the Fridge. The kind that has more than one cute expression for ugly words or body parts, ie. "baby's milk", "girl parts", "fort" & "squeak". I'm sad to say, this year I was "that mom" who planed the Preschool Valentine's Party but, forgot to supply my kiddo with Valentine's. The kind that teaches her 3 year old VCR skills, so she can catch more zzz's.

"That Mom" who serves cereal for dinner and cold pizza for breakfast and kisses her kids so many times in a day, they have perma-dention in their foreheads.

I am "That Mom" who wipes away dirt with a licked thumb and hold kids over public potties. The kind who buys xtra underwear to avoid laundry and has a "Company's Coming!" drill. I am "That Mom" who cries a little each time she folds the kids out grown clothes and wishes they'd never grow up and grow up quicker, all at the same time.

I am "That Mom" that sweeps crumbs under the stove and kicks toys under the couch when noone's looking. She who forgets to change the non-smelly diaps and every once in a while forgets a kid here or there. I am "That Mom" who throws the occasional and not-so occasional tantrum along side her preschooler, loves dress-ups, twirling, and polishing tiny toe nails.

I am "That mom" who blogs away her lifes complaints, loves to sew mediocre creations, and do "yo-go". What more can I say sometimes we're all a little bit of "That Mom".

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