Friday, February 29, 2008

Finley's Blessing

Finley Nina Larsen

We blessed Finley in my mom and dad's branch in Shelby, Montana. The blessing was lovely and among the blessings she was given she was blessed with the gift of being self sacrificing. I can imagine that just in how she's such a peaceful and patient baby. She of course looked just lovely in the blessing gown her sister and cousin wore just a few years before. Grandma Maureen made this lovely gown for all the girls to be blessed in when Ky was born.

It seems so long ago that Ky was born and blessed. In fact it really doesn't seem like there was ever a time that Ky wasn't around. I can't believe how lucky I am to have all these little ones. After Kyanne I thought, I how much I would love to have more babies but, if she's the only one, I'm still the luckiest mom ever! And, now I have three, and they're perfect and sweet.

I am so fortunate to have the gospel in this life, a beautiful marriage and three sweet babies on top of that! It just makes me want to kick my self for ever complaining a day in my life.


whitney said...

Why aren't your pictures showing up for me? And why am I just now figuring out how to post to your blog?

whitney said...

What is with your blog? apparently you have to approve my comment before it goes up. Thanks. Thanks a lot for the trust you have in my and my writing abilities. Afraid I might scare your readers with my grumpy pregnancy rants?

Candise said...

OK so I am apparently a little behind in reading your blog posts BUT if I do remember correctly I was at Ky's blessing. What a special and loving moment- I too, one of these days, hope to be blessed with a family of my own one day. Your blogs always bring a smile and a chuckle.