Sunday, February 25, 2007

You teach people how to treat you... (true words)

Sometimes I stress out about pleasing others and I wish I could just do my best and be happy with that. Instead I worry, fidget and often ramble like a incoherent person. That usually just makes the person who's already frowning at me, frown more.
I talked to Jess about it tonight on the phone. He said, "you teach people how to treat you." I know this, it's just so hard to implement. Sometimes I'm overly agreeable, and I just can't stop myself.

"Positive Confrontations" -something to work towards, along with letting go of the "doe eyed Bambi" -she causes way too much trouble. PS I know now that Bambi is a "he" but, doesn't it seem like "he" should have been a "she", along with all innocent baby deers?

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