Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Jimmy Bridge"

Sometimes Bridgey reminds me of an old man, wise and patient. Much like the great man he was named after. Grandpa Bridge passed away a few weeks ago. Little "Jimmy" as we sometimes call Bridge went with me to visit grandpa in the hospital a few hours before he passed. When we arrived he held my hand, and squeezed like always. In more usual circumstances he would follow this with a kiss and "Hello Daughter". That was my favorite part. It made me feel like a real part of his family, something I treasure.

"He made me feel special and loved". These were the words repeated countless times at his funeral. I imagine this is what people said of our Savior when he was on the earth and what is still said of Him today.

What an honor for Bridge to carry on his Great Grandpa's name.

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