Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That's my girl, high aspirations.

Kyanne doing Grown Up.
Ky: "I like to carry Rusty in the store, because people think I'm really a teenager and he is my baby. " 

(Teen-mom, every kids dream?)
Ky: "I had a dream that I gave Oreo a utility belt, that helps her fly."  

-The words she chooses to use crack me up. Clever little thing.

Fin's funny of the day:

Fin: "Mom the moon is following me, everywhere I go on my bike!"


Ang said...

Oh i miss you and your sweet family!! Funny story - I was the same as Ky - I loved carrying my little brother and sisters around for the same reason, I wanted people to think I was their mom...so funny.
Love you guys! xoxoxoxo

Kayla Sue Paisley said...

Ohhh man that is hysterical! I freaking love Ky haha.

lorrie said...

Hum!! Sounds Familiar... like mother, like daughter (You and Kayla)