Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poster of Summer Fun

A friend of mine made a Fun Summer To Do List for her and the kids. I think we might try that.

Any ideas what should go on it?

-Lemonade Stand (it's so cute! It's an old metal trolly that we modge podged and stuck a red umbrella in the middle of).
-Farmers Market
-Garden (poor plants I bought them 3 wks ago, and they're still sitting out back waiting to be planted)

-Canmore kids hike
-Make frilly/tacky flip flops with a glue gun and pom poms?
-Scavenger Hunts are always fun. . ."Bigger-Better"
-Homemade popsicles


Heather May said...

How about fireworks, movie in the park, ice-cream truck, beach day, marshmallow roasting, catch minnows in the river, read a good book, go playground testing (20 min or so each then rate it and drive to the next), $2-3 surprise dinner night (everyone gets the same amount of $ and buys something to contribute to dinner),play at an outdoor pool, watch a parade (highriver this weekend), lemonade stand, sit around a bonfire til way past bedtime, play with cousins, rent a canoe on the reservoir. Have fun!

whitney said...

Come to Raymond and stop ignoring your old friends. I'm just saying...

Stacey said...

there's a bird sanctuary by inglewood, sandy conservation, if you look up friends of fish creek they always have cool programs...they even do ghost stories sometimes! so fun! whooo! festival season is starting for july and august. take a road trip to edmonton and go to the street performers festival! my favorite! your kids would go gaga. it is complete awesomeness. do an explore your city and go to a bunch of parks or an explore your city for the best ice cream shops in town. guess what? i just got a heritage park pass! bring it on.
go on a hike to elbow falls...with stacey! stellar idea! go the farmers market again!
OH! OH! here's an excellent one, mark my words, join the library's summer reading program, they also have drop in story time once a week so you don't have to register.
this is fun.
ask me another question.

Stephanie M Larsen said...

I love these ideas! You guys are so clever! Like rating playgrounds and ice cream shops, diner surprise, and a hike with STacy! ;) And, Ray town, Done. We'll be there for the first, can't wait to see your new house Whit!