Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Brain is being sucked out thru my nose...

Well, not really, but I can totally relate to this funny article I came across about the Brain Fog that all mom's become more than acquainted with pre and post baby. Oh, save me I feel that Brain Fog this week, and no, sadly there is no lil' bun in the oven to account for it.

I'm just here in Kalispell, helping my very cute mom get her very full house unpacked along with three very energetic, overly neglected, underly-nutritioned, well bribed, Treehouse watching, Pip Squeaks. It's been a train ride with more motion sickness than vistas at the moment but I know in the end "it will have been worth it", right??

Right!! Onward, Heave! Ho! How's that for a Fabulous Attitude!

In the mean time here's a funny quote from this amusing article. For the full story Click Here.

“My brain was sucked out around the time I was passing the placenta… So this new study in the British Journal of Psychology that contends that scientists “found no evidence of persistent cognitive deterioration being associated with pregnancy or motherhood” is really cramping my style. They’ve even gone so far as to tell the BBC that ” obstetricians, family doctors, and midwives may need to use the findings from this study to promote the fact that ‘placenta brain’ is not inevitable…First they steal my name for it, and now they’re stealing the whole excuse away from me?”


Stacey said...

You know from that article it just confirms my feelings that science constantly disproves itself. Case example, men get baldness from mother's side of the family: 2001.
In 2008, I hear from my docta friend, they discover male baldness is from the father's side of the family. Shocking? I think not. Behind every bald man is a bald father.
There is a placenta brain, there must be brain deterioration, and science will soon discover it. I am not as fast on my feet, I must ponder and repeat. Today's current brain research is for crud and they will soon find I am right. ;)
I loved your post Steph. Miss you!

Ang said...

You are so wonderful! I miss you so much!! Hurry up and come home okay? Hope we can squeeze a visit in before your next adventure which will make all of this one worthwhile!! :) Love you!! xoxox