Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I just got this from my Mom in Law, I cracks me up, it's Me! I'm only 29, I must have Early Onset. Can anyone relate?

Recently, I was diagnosed with A.A.A.D.D. -
Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.

This is how it manifests:

I decide to water my garden .
As I turn on the hose in the driveway,
I look over at my car and decide it needs washing.

As I start toward the garage,
I notice mail on the porch table that
I brought up from the mail box earlier.

I decide to go through the mail before I wash the car.

I lay my car keys on the table,
put the junk mail in the garbage can under the table,
and notice that the can is full.

So, I decide to put the bills back
on the table and take out the garbage first.

But then I think,
since I'm going to be near the mailbox
when I take out the garbage anyway,
I may as well pay the bills first.

I take my check book off the table,
and see that there is only one check left.
My extra checks are in my desk in the study,
so I go inside the house to my desk where
I find the can of Pepsi I'd been drinking.

I'm going to look for my checks,
but first I need to push the Pepsi aside
so that I don't accidentally knock it over.

The Pepsi is getting warm,
and I decide to put it in the refrigerator to keep it cold..

As I head toward the kitchen with the Pepsi,
a vase of flowers on the counter
catches my eye--they need water.

I put the Pepsi on the counter and
discover my reading glasses that
I've been searching for all morning.
I decide I better put them back on my desk,
but first I'm going to water the flowers.

I set the glasses back down on the counter,
fill a container with water and suddenly spot the TV remote.
Someone left it on the kitchen table.

I realize that tonight when we go to watch TV,
I'll be looking for the remote,
but I won't remember that it's on the kitchen table,
so I decide to put it back in the den where it belongs,
but first I'll water the flowers.

I pour some water in the flowers,
but quite a bit of it spills on the floor.

So, I set the remote back on the table,
get some towels and wipe up the spill.

Then, I head down the hall trying to
remember what I was planning to do.

At the end of the day:
the car isn't washed
the bills aren't paid
there is a warm can of
Pepsi sitting on the counter
the flowers don't have enough water,
there is still only 1 check in my check book,
I can't find the remote,
I can't find my glasses,
and I don't remember what I did with the car keys.
Then, when I try to figure out why nothing got done today,
I'm really baffled because I know I was busy all day,
and I'm really tired.

I realize this is a serious problem,
and I'll try to get some help for it,
but first I'll check my e-mail....


The Cairns Family said...

LOL!!! That is so my day, I am doing stuff all day but then when I look around I haven't accomplished anything!

motherofangels said...

Holy! You have just helped me figure out why my house is always a mess. That is what I do... all day! By the end of the day I always think, why did I work so hard to get nothing accomplished!

Ang said...

Wow that finally put everything into perspective!! So THAT'S what I do all day!! I literally feel like I've been SO busy that I seriously couldn't fit even one more thing in but my house looks the same as it did when I woke up :) I'm glad I'm not the only one.

MARTHA said...
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MARTHA said...

This is so my life in a nutshell. If anyone ever asks me what I did all day, I'm going to pull up your post and say, "Read this!"

I'm always busy, I'm always doing something, but I never seem to accomplish anything. Welcome to my life!

Carrie said...

oh boy. We really are all the same, aren't we! I totally relate. At least now I know the name of my condition.

Trevor and Shannon said...

I think most moms can relate to this! You gave me a good laugh for the day. I was just getting ready to clean the bathrooms, but thought I should get on-line first.

Amber said...

This is great! I do the same thing! For me, it's because I think if I don't do what comes to my mind RIGHT THEN I'll never do it. Ultimately, with that mindset, I rarely finish anything! So annoying! This post has motivated me to get off the computer and accomplish one task without interruption. Wish me luck!

Scott and Lorri said...

So I am not alone....I thought I was going crazy. Can you send me a copy of that. I want to frame it so my hisband can understand me better.

The Young Ones said...

That is so funny! And so me! LOL I am glad I am not the only one! -Tonya