Monday, November 9, 2009

Being CREATIVE. .. especially as a Mom.

This message speaks directly to my heart. I struggle and worry often as to whether the time I spend creating (sewing, crafting, blogging) is of value or if I should be doing something more important with my free time. I keep going back and forth between giving in to my crazy love for sewing or stopping it all together to pursue what I think are loftier goals. Watching this video
helps me realize there is value in all sorts of creation.

And, for those who see the subject (creating) and think it doesn't apply to them, because they don't paint, draw, sew, craft, play an instrument, or other ways the world views "creativity" it does. From where I stand I see that imagination and creativity permeating every part of our lives. Jess is a really talented artist, husband, and businessman all due to his imagination and ability to create. My mom is extremely creative in how she cares for people and helps them over come problems in their life.

And, one of the most creative people I know is a mom my age and a dear friend. Some ways she has inspired me with her constant creativity are through:

-Amazing family home evening lessons to teach her children on a weekly basis. She really puts tons of effort and planning into creating these. And, has a whole cabinet full of the different lessons and all the stuff that go along with them. (ie. Lesson: Putting on the whole armor of God. Activity: Having kids shoot Velcro darts at a unarmored Velcro body where they of course stuck, and then shoot that same body with all it's laminated and cutely colored armor on, where it won't stick. I was there for that lesson it was a riot! She also gave the dads aluminum foil to make "real" custom fit armor for the kids.) That takes major amounts of creative energy.

-And, last year around Christmas their family had a dinner patterned after a dinner the Savior would have had when he was on the earth, including sitting on the floor, unleavened bread, figs and olives with her little kids and husband around Christmas time. Not to mention the annual Christmas Talent show.

.-Darling Kid Parties: ie. A 5 year olds movie party, where all the little girls got to where boas, star glasses and walk down the red carpet (red dollar store table cloth). Complete with a concession stand ran by dad, real paper money, and lots of treats! Another one was a cute Pirate party where the kids got to walk a ballet bar which was the Plank of course to get their party treats.

-And, her wealth of knowledge if full of creative ways to motivate, teach and impact her children. Like a jar in her pantry with fun ideas to ward off boredom. Another idea I've adopted and has worked great for us is: "Morning Cards". I laminated cards with pictures of a made bed, toys box, toothbrush/hair brush, a child saying prayers etc. And, instead of telling the kids over and over, did you do....this, this, and this? I just ask them to do all their cards. The sweetest part of that has been walking in on them saying their morning prayers, they still only pray out loud and it's so sweet to see your 3 year old praying all by himself.

This friend has just been an inspiration to me by how much time and imagination she invests into creating experiences for her family that enhance and make her home a wonderful place. I always thought being a mom was a pretty repetitive and predictable job, but I've learned it can be as fun and exciting as you want it to be.


Jill said...

Wow, Steph, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes thinking how appreciative I am for you posting that video. I needed to hear that! Thanks for that!
And I think you are one of the most talented and creative people I know. I am in awe of your talents.
Love you tons.
(It was great to see you guys last week! Whit and I want to come up one weekend before Christmas to come have some fun with you!)

Keshia said...

loved it Steph... makes me want to re-evaluate my life... but then again you're good at gently and lovingly offering me help and telling me of your newest ideas. Love you!

MARTHA said...

You've got the vision.

Sarah said...

(Hands and arms waving) I bet I know who that creative friend is!!! And yes, she really is good at those kinds of things. I did NOT inherit the same talent, although we are sisters...