Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Stac.


Stacy's Birthday. We showed up at the YMCA to surprise her after Porter's swim lesson. She said when she walked out and saw us from a far, she thought, weird. There's a bunch of my friends, all dressed up for someones birthday, I must not have got the memo. Little did she know it was for her birthday! A week late.

It was a fun night, well -minus the really crude comedy show we endured for all of 10 mins. Leaving was more than awkward since we had already ordered dinner for 10 people, you could hear a pin drop let alone 10 people meandering through crowded tables to leave. But in the end we moved the party to the Cheesecake cafe and laughed our heads off while we consumed our weekly caloric intake all in one slice.

Stacy is one the most rad friends I have. She's so adventurous, and her interests are as diverse as they are many. She takes a course at the college like history or anthropology just about every semester, is an advid cutural arts/theatre enthusiast, and is currently learning to sew. This summer she moved to Utah with her 2 children and husband for the month of August. . . just for fun. Her talents include sewing pajama bottoms and bags. . . and yes, more bags, button collecting, balloon animal artistry, and chatting (with exception during SYTYCD when we take vow of silence). Stacy aspires to be in a Hollywood movie, possibly live in the States, and be my next door neighbor, where we will happily wear our pj's till noon, and watch Regis and Kelly over bubble tea. Her sincere love for people and appreciation of their quirks is one of my favorite things about her.

She knows how to laugh out loud and is always up for a last minute party, (unless she's out with her Old Lady's Club). She's a night owl, gets up at the crack of noon when possible, loves sappy movies, attending the Cinema and still claims the "Little Princess" to be her all time favorite. But, most of all, like Diana of Aveonlea, she is a Kindred Spirit and a true Bosom Friend.

(This picture below is telling a story of: Me, a nail, and an angry
can of spray paint, 5 mins before I had to leave for the party.)


Stacey said...

That was a beautiful post! How kind of you to write one. I thought you were just going to include that beautifully retarded picture of me in the batman mask in a collage of summer fun. A whole post! I am honored my bosom buddy.

Stacey said...

When Lane saw the picture of me in the batman head piece, he yelled, 'Naaaccchhhoo!'
Surprisingly, the batman pictures aren't as bad as I thought. Quite funny. I thought my face was going to be contorted more. I like them! ;)

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Your the easiest person to write about there is so much to you! PS Lane is kindred spirit too... NACHOOOOO! That's awesome!

Stacey said...

Yes, Lane can be a kindred spirit, as long as he does not replace me as the diana type. j.k.