Monday, October 5, 2009

Schools In

Ky is attending the Canyon Meadows Escuela where she is taught half the time in Spanish. And, Bridgey started Playschool, which me and some other mom teach alternating every 5 weeks. He loves it, wishes it was everyday instead of 2 times a week, and of course, like his big sister, packs his backpack before we head out. One of the moms/teachers last weeks said he was one of the most poliet 3 year-olds she ever meet. I was kind of nervous about how he would act away from home. I knew from early on that Ky would be well behaved in public, she's just like that. But, Bridgey is just Bridgey. Enthusiastic, Energetic, and Honest all the time.

Ky thinks school is fabulous. I always knew I would be that mom tearily waving goodbye on the first day of school, holding back the sobs until I got in to the privacy of my car, where I would have a good cry and count the minitues until her return. So, how surprised was I when I felt excited and cheerfully waved back to my enthusiastic Kindergartner on her first day of school.
Actually, I felt guilty, like I wished I could squeeze out a tear or something, but the truth is she was so excited for school! 2 years in waiting. She couldn't wait to ride the bus, line up, and wear a backpack half as big as her. And, I couldn't help but catch her enthusiasm. She's been attending for just over a month now and loving every minitue of it. She loves her teacher, playing kitchen, drawing, singing, and sitting by her friends on the bus. She's come home speaking spanish words with a much more authentic accent than Jess or I. She even has that accent sometimes when she says english words. At first I couldn't figure out what she was saying, but then I realized she's learning new english words at school too from her teacher who has a very strong Spanish accent. It's pretty cute.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

that's great!!! I love her cute 'lucy' dress!

Stacey said...

hey stephanito,
ky's dress is rockin' awesome. i love it! you're setting her up to be the totally cool, creative girl in school. i want to put porter in that school too! it would be so funny if they talked spanglish together.

Carrie said...

Ky looks so happy! And so grown up. There's nothing like sending that first one off to school.

Now. When are we going to hear about NY?

Carrie said...

One more thing. I just found Spud and Lindsey's blog. Thye're so cute! You have to go see their little Lucy if you haven't seen pictures yet. Their link is on my sidebar.

Jill said...

Oh, Steph, I LOVE Ky's dress. It is darling. You, my dear, are amazing. Hooray for Ky going to school!
Mamie loves preschool and can't wait for kindergarten next year. Love ya!