Friday, October 30, 2009

Reminicent of that first year... Livin' on Love

The first year I was married, all I could see was Jess. My sun rose and fell around that 6 foot 3" freckled boy. When we moved to Huntington and got real adult jobs I was just shocked that we were expected to spend 9 and 10 hours away from each other everyday, year after year, all in the name of: Work. I could hardly stand it. Night after night we'd lay on our popped air mattress in our one room studio apartment and wonder if anyone else was really this happy and this lucky.

We moved to Huntington Beach the summer of 2002 with $30.00 to our name. No jobs, no food, no electricity. However we did have running water, an apartment paid up for the month, a 1970's Crown Victoria, and a surf board, what more did we need.
"Livin' on Love"
was more than a song to us that first year of life.

But, we thought it was fabulous! With no frig, and no money, we ate a lot of .99 cent hamburgers, and I happily gained the newlywed 19 in just under 90 days. This sticks out in my mind because our California wedding reception was three months after we got married, and no, I did not fit that pretty white dress!

But, life was grand. We ate a lot of hamburgers, .25 Homerun Pies, and cereal by candle light, we bough
t ice for the foam cooler every morning, played at the beach and surfed everyday. Our bed was a $20.00 blow mattress that popped soon after we moved in.

After that first month, this cute young girl living above us came and dropped off a grocery gift card for $150.00. We were so thankful. With tears in my eyes I asked her how she knew, and she casually said, "Oh, I saw your car." What! Who says that? It still makes me chuckle. Where I come from, if you are rollin in something with 4 wheels, you are stoked! So, it made me laugh every time people giggled or pointed at our awesome car in Orange County, it's a strange place all it's own.

After a few weeks Jess was hired by Yakaty Yak in Newport, we got electricity, internet and I finally found a job on the 23 floor of Deutsche Bank. Life began.

That year was: magical, that's the only way I can describe it. We were so charmed and delighted by everything that came our way, especially each other.


Erin said...

That is so cute... I feel like that is our situation RIGHT NOW... and we've been married 4 years almost! Yikes. We need to get to'crackin!
I love the story about the gift card! Haha. I chuckled, too. :)

Mimi said...

You two are too cute! I loved the broke as a joke begining of marriage. I remember leaving the grocery store without bread... bread- cause it was too expensive. Those were good times.

I too did not fit into my dress for my reception- in fact during our dance my dress split down the seem in the back- I gained a little weight when I went to Mexico-


motherofangels said...

That is very sweet! My first marraige I was poor as dirt! Then got divorced and was poor as dust! Than came my prince charming, we're doing okay but he likes to pretend we are poor as dirt :) But we love each other and that is what matters!

The Blair Family said...

I remember when I heard you guys had moved down there. I thought you both were completely nuts. However, the best memories don't always follow the path of practicality. I know you were in love before you got married; but it seems during that time in Huntington you two forged a special bond. I love hearing those stories from when you lived down there...pretty cool!

Keshia said...

haha I know this story well but I still love to hear it! I think it's completely crazy but completely you! Love it!

whitney said...

I love you two!
This story makes me smile every time I hear it.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

you two are super cute!

Ang said...

This is my favorite post ever!! I just love you two!!

Scott and Lorri said... makes me want to go hug my hubby and love all over him. Than the kids come and but in and we remeber life again. do you know my sister? christie Farris and or my brother Jason. he is a cop down there. Anyways they are near there...but I also know that there is a HUGE place. later