Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer time strategy for: "I'm bored"

WARNING: Very possible boring post ahead. I wanted to write all the details and my ideas out for future reference and anyone who is also looking for summer ideas.

The kids and I have been doing "Summer Play School". I get to play teacher (I've loved this game since I was 5) and we learn through playing. We only do it on the days we don't have other things on the go, and it's been super fun for all of us.

We start off with circle time, where we practice polite good mornings, read or tell stories, play creativity games like:"What if" (what if Ky was a puppy, what if we lived under the water etc.) and sing various songs. Some of my Favorites:

  • -Here we are together at our Summertime Play School (it's a mouth full and the kids think it's so funny when I add in Kitty).
  • -All time fav: 5 little Monkey's swingin in a tree... teasin' Mr. Allegator "can't catch me!"
  • -I had a little Turtle her name was Tiny Fin...
  • Going on a Bear Hunt, Wheels on the Bus
  • Zoom! We're going to the Moon!
  • 1, 2 Buckle My Shoe, 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive... 6,7,8,9,10 then I let him go again.
  • "There were ten in the bed and the littlest said, "Roll over, Roll over! They all rolled over and one fell out, he gave a little scream and he gave a little shout! Please remember to tie a knot in your pajamas, single beds were only made for 9!" (I learned them song from Mo when Ky was just a wee little thing, and I think it's so funny, it makes me smile just to sing).
  • (Finger play) Two little Dickie Birds, sitting on a wall...
  • Wake up little Bunny! Hop! Hop! Hop!

After singing we chit chat a bit about what we're going to do for play school today. Then we do a fun craft involving our theme, work from workbooks for Ky, playdough, paint, baking, something messy. Then there is game/active outside time:
  • London Bridges where we capture the unsuspecting party,
  • CARS (they are cars racing each other but with various car problems- flat tire, wind sheild wippers won't shut off, car stuck in reverse)
  • Mother May I (where we practice being polite and obedient, hooray for Mom!)
  • Green light, Red light Gone Creative (- walk like ice cream cone, bee, puppy, cloud, Giant etc.
  • Duck duck goose (which really is just chase mom in a circle, but fun either way),
  • Fishing for metal clips using a magnetic lure
  • Baseball
  • Catch with softies
  • Sidewalk coloring
  • Bucket Ball (throw ball or stuffies into different buckets, baskets etc.)
  • Obstacle course with chalk (walk the skinny bridge (line), hop in the lake (circle), swim (along the squiggley line), tip toe through the bear forest (on the dots) etc.
  • Hot potato
  • Showtime on the Trampolene
  • Build a Rocket Ship, Boat out of card board boxes and tape. Then paint the next day.
  • Drama. Act out the book we read for reading time.
  • Summer Carnival (set up blocks to knock over and win a prize (get real prizes from $1 store) balance beam, relay race, bob for apples, face painting, have kids help make decor and -invite friends)
  • wash the van
  • Make our own summer tent with a white sheet and spray bottles with tempra paint in them mixed with water.
  • Silly Bigger or Better Scavenger Hunt
  • Start a rock collection or nature collection
  • Musical Chairs
  • Dance Party
  • Bug Hunting
  • Bobbing for Apple
  • Racing
  • Hop Scotch
  • Hot or Cold
  • Marco Polo!
Lots of good ideas here:

Specific Day Theme and Craft Ideas to come!


Carrie said...

You're an inspiration, Steph. You've got to be the most fun mom ever!

MARTHA said...

Love you Steph! Glad for you! I'm all about your school activities.