Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"My Hero(es). . ."

About 3 weeks ago I called a repairman for my fridge. He was an older gent who had recently decided to venture out on his own.

I'll skip all the boring details but, 4 visits later, the frig is working, and I'm out:
  • $600.00 bucks ( I could have just bought a new one),
  • 2 grocery trips to the store,
  • have to repair wet drywall/water damage downstairs in Bridge's bedroom
  • and worst of all have to replace the wood floor in the kitchen (Estimated $5000.00 to fix) due to water damage from the fridge.
Awhhh. . . . After he left I was pretty bummed so I called Rachel. At best I was hoping for a good amount of sympathy but instead she actually called him up posing as my big sister and I'm guessing let him know her opinion on the subject in a "kind way". As kind as she was I'm guessing He must have caught a glimpse of her inner tigeress because he didn't argue much.

But, as the day went on he kept calling me, and I was nervous he was going to show up at my house if I didn't answer. So, I called my friend Stacy's husband who's a police officer and just a good guy, to ask his opinion. He came right over, assessed the damage and called the repairman up posing as my very stern brother and asked how he planned to remedy the situation. Way to go big brother and sis because the guy ended up apologizing and not making me pay for the 3 xtra visits after all. I am so glad, but more just in awe of my good friends. It was so sweet, I was so nervous especially with Jess gone all week, I kind of knew I was being taken for a ride but I was to chicken to do anything about it. You guys make rad siblings, Thanks.


MARTHA said...

Of all the nerve! Glad you had someone to help you out.

Erin said...

Stinkin older gents!
They'll getcha every time!

Stacey said...

I love your post! I had a little chuckle while I was reading it because of all your adoring siblings that stepped up to the plate! Can I be your cousin twice removed through marriage? Pretty please? I'm glad at least the anxiety of Mr.Questionable-Fix is over. I'm sorry about your floor. If only 'kissing it better' would fix it! Hope you feel better!

Meghann Clements said...

I just have to thank you for your blog!!!! I am sitting here at work,11 30pm, luckily the phones aren't ringing, so I am using this time to read your lovely blog!!! I love getting to know you better through it and I find you and your life so refreshing!!! We need to get our little ones together soon and play!!!