Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meggie's Music and Dance Wedding!

I am surprised that it has been nearly a month since I have last posted. June has just flown by, especially with Meggie's sweet wedding and all the preps going into it. Her wedding day was just about as perfect as they come. She was as pretty as a picture, not to mention the whimsical feathery hair piece I got to make using an old silver piece of Grandma Bridge's :)

She got married in the Cardston Alberta Temple. As she entered the sealing room where all her close friends and family surrounded her, she was already weeping. And, then there was Jorge with one big grin from ear to ear next to his sweet teary wife. I'm not sure there was a dry eye in the room, even the temple sealer got choked up.

After they were sealed they got to look into the mirror in front of them, and with the mirrors behind them they could see their happy reflection go on forever, representing their marriage that would last through out this life and all Eternity.

I can remember also doing this with a very young looking 21 year old Jess, he looked even younger then. There I stood in my puffy wedding gown, clasping hands with my favorite person and now husband. My face was a wreck as I had just balled my little head off, but still it was just one of those magic moments that seems to stand still in my memory, mascara streaks and all.

After the wedding we had a super family dinner program, that included: An outrageous dance from Aunt Helen in her full on disco suit, an appearance from OK-Go compliments of me, Jilly, Kesh, and Trever, a sweet little dance from Ky and Olivia with Bridgey looking debonar in the middle of the two twirling girls, a dance from Mo and her sisters and some professional Peruvian Dancer to boot!

It was by far the wedding program with the most music and dance, and just as it should have been for Meggie who loves it more than the rest of us combined. I tried to give the tribute to the bride with Jess but had trouble getting out my silly jokes amid my tears.

Then the reception was filled with Salsa, Merange, Swing dancing, Break dancing among others. It was a riot. Ky danced the night away, finally dropping into bed around 10pm.

Pictures to come, I just wanted to jot down the story while it was still fresh in my mind.


Christy said...

Sounds so FUN! I can't wait to see pictures!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I cannot wait for the pics!!! More details... do I need to get together with you for a full report?? I bet she was stunning!!