Saturday, May 16, 2009

" Please bless and Thank-you for my Little Mermaid Jammie Dress..."

(Newest creation. Just made it out of an old Disney bed sheet,
right along with dinner yesterday,
That's how easy serging is, I'm loving it.)

I can't decide if it's bad or not that I write down alot of the kids prayers. I don't really think so, but hopefully I'm not offending anyone who feels otherwise. I figure they make Heavenly Father chuckle too, they're so innocent and sweet. Anyhow today part of Ky lunch prayer included thanks for each individual jammie dress she owns.

"Thank you that I can have a new Little Mermaid jammy dress, and not just one old one, because now I have two. . . oh, I mean three, thank you for my Strawberry Shortcake jammie dress too."

Bridgey: "Look at this cutest beetle, I got! (meanwhile squishing sad beetle) Oh, my gosh, she's so cute Mom!" (Is that my child or what?)

Conversation in the Van:
Ky: Baby dinosaurs are so cute.
B: No they're just naughty. They pinch and pinch and pinch you.
(I'll spare you the repeat of this conversation another 10 times, but it just delights my heart to watch these 'big' kids sit and have their own conversations and debates all day long.)

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Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing at Bridgey's outfit, the perfect little sidekick.
You did such a darling job on the dress. I love it! LOVE IT!
I can't wait to see you tomorrow and do some shopping!

;) Jill