Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Winter Recap; The variety Pak

Here's my cheaty catch up post for all the posts I meant to write but didn't this Winter.
Most memorable events of Winter 2008/09:
With a just over a million-plus hours and alot of gut wrenching hard work Jess got his Private Equity Group really moving this winter. Lucky for us he hired two assistants for help at the office, and can be home a lot more. But still we found time to have fun as a family, and a couple and I'm really looking forward to this Spring when there will be even more time.

With all the time inside this xtra snowy winter, Bridgey discovered games! He loves them all. He also is head over heels for any four legged friend he happens upon. Horses, dogs, kittys, they all elicit this excited, high pitched "Ooohhhhh", it can make even the grouchiest mommy smile. And, lucky for me he's still my Mama's boy. Which gets a little tricky with Fin being a Mama's girl. In the end, I spend a lot of time in the reading chair with 3 little ones shoving and squirming to be closer to mom. On the one hand it drives me to distraction and on the other, I'm kind of flattered.
Fin started talking right at about 12 months. Saying words such as "Up, down", "Please", "Uh-oh", "I love you", and of course "Uh-oh Bum!" She just toddles after her brother and sister, and keeps up surprisingly well. Bridgey and her go at it every few min. and I'm so thankful that I have Ky who helps keep the peace. Fin's favorite toys right now are purses and dolls. She gets a high pitched squeal when she see's dolls or real babies, it's so cute, since she herself is still just a baby.
Bridgey and Ky have became the best of friends. If they spend a few hours apart the reunion is momentuous. Hugs, Kisses, and "I missed you"'s all over the place. Nothing quite warms my heart like witnessing the love between my little ones.

Ky has grown into such a nurturing, peaceful little Mommy at age 4. She watches the kids for me several times a day. Of course I'm just up a floor or down a floor tending to something else, but her help is invaluable. She knows when to come get me and when she can handle the situations with Bridge and Fin herself. She encourages Fin and Bridge to be more kind to one another by her example of kindness and I couldn't ask for a more precious first child. Heavenly Father really blessed my life when He sent me Ky first.

Kyanne has really loved preschool. Yesterday she just started writing letters out of the blue. I didn't even know she could recognize those letters, let alone write them. I try practicing letters with her but she seemed unintrested, until yesterday when she just busted out 6 letters all on her own. Her teacher says she likes to talk more than any of the other kids. Her stories are long and detailed, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

This winter we went to Golden for the weekend with some other families. The kids had a blast staying in the log cabins, and taking skiing lessons up at Kicking Horse. The boys snowboarded all day, while the moms and baby's tried to stay warm and entertained in the Lodge. It was a dream I've heard Jess talk about for years. And, I really look forward to getting our own cabin so we can spend even more time together playing as a family and playing with friends in the snowy mountains.
We also spent two weeks at Grandma and Grandpa Larsen's house in Raymond while the basement was being developed at home. It was really fun. I was surprised at how much fun I had away from home with 3 small kids. After a few days the kids really settled in and they just couldn't get enough of their grandparents. Towards the end I could tell our visit was really interupting Mo's sleep, as the kids all get up in the night and she has a hard time falling back asleep once woken. So I thought it best to make up a reason to return home early, even though our house was still in a shambles do to renos. But, Dick saw through my secret plan and called me on it.

Meggie got engaged! And, I'm really excited to welcome Jorge into the family. He fits wonderfully and he's her perfect match. She just got her sparkily ring this week and her dress a week or so before that. It's been super fun watching them from the start, and now planning the wedding! Hooray for Tia and Tio Cano. Here's Meg trying on my Wedding dress her real dress is loads prettier.

Jess bought a second snowmobile and the Kids are crazy about it. Ky told Heavenly Father how much she loved Daddy's new snow-mo-ble in her prayers tonight. Here's some pictures of the kiddos with dad.
I'm attending sewing classes taught by this wonderful semstress and friend in our ward, Marna. She's pretty hard core, and quite honest about our progress :). But it's wonderful because we really are learning quickly. I've never found a hobby I loved more or tried harder to master than sewing.
And, best of all this Winter, I feel like I've gain real friends again. I guess I just took it for granted always having been blessed with good friends. But, when I got married we moved Huntington Beach and being head over heels as I was for Jess, I didn't really take the time to make real friends, and after we had Ky we just kept moving around and I never felt settled enough to put in the effort. But, since moving to Calgary I've been blessed with so many good friends and I my heart is full. It just makes life complete. Women need friends. I love my Jess and three little ones but as perfect as they are they can't replace good girlfriends.
And, I have to add that I love the ward we are in. I've never really understood the meaning of a "ward family" until now. Today I gave a talk at church and just bombed! Really, I'm not trying to be humble, it was pretty all over the place, and still I felt happy afterwards. So, the secret is out, I'm a terrible public speaker.

With life being so happy, I have a naggy thought warning me to not get comfortable, as I must be due for a big heartache. But, 7 years later I'm still waiting. Each year my love for my babies and sweet Jess deepen and my gratitude for my blessings increase. I think it is because of the peace the gospel has brought into my life, I can be still. Knowing the Lord has a plan, brings me hope, even in hopeless situations.

As I have this thought that life is so good disaster must be around the corner, I realize we've been having disasters all along. And, because we have the hope of Heavenly Father's constant love and help, we may be sad or weary but we do not despair or fall into to hopelessness, and I'm so thankful for this. I just read a great talk by one of our church leaders on maintaining Hope. For anyone who has the time, it's such an inspiring read. Here's the LINK.

“Press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.” 2 Nephi 31:20.


MARTHA said...

A great post Steph. It was nice reading all your news.

Ang said...

I love this post! I stole that picture of you and me for my facebook :) Please congratulate Meg for me! And just so you know - you didn't bomb your talk at Church! I will talk to you soon I'm sure :)

Trevor and Shannon said...

I HATE public speaking, and seem to bomb every talk too. I just hope that people aren't paying attention to me when I speak. I loved reading about your babies and how sweet they are to each other. I can't wait to have another! I wish you lived closer, Canada is just too far away.

The Young Ones said...

I also love sewing and girlfriends! Couldn't live without either. Even though we have love for hubby's and kids it is always important to have a hobby and someone else to talk to...great post!

Lui said...

Awhh Steph. It was fun to hear about your news! Hope to see you guys soon...after the big trip. Love you guys!


Carrie said...

Fun to catch up on your happenings. And I'm glad to hear you've got super friends, but it makes me miss you!!! So when's the big roommate "reunion", eh?

Anonymous said...

You know it is amazing to me that we have actually never met in person, but there is a closeness that I feel to you. I love reading your blog, I think that you deserve a #1 mom award, and I am so glad that my cousin has you for a wife, thanks for being an inspiration to me, and one day when we actually get to meet in person, I am going to just give you a huge HUG!