Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nothing so cute as a little Ballerinas!

Ky's recital was so darling. All the ballerina's showed up at 10:00am for make-up and costumes. Then the parents and grandparents came at 10:30a for the Princess Recital.

Miss Meg was the most wonderful ballet teacher. She taught the girls their different positions and moves in such a fun way. There was lots of imagination along with good dance instruction. The girls loved showing off their individual moves such as: quite toes, loud toes, spins and chasse's (sp?) and best of all how to dance with a Prince.


mckenna said...

Hi!! I'm a completely random stranger who just happened to come across your blog and I love your header and how you arrange your photos in your posts!! I'm wondering if you would mind taking a minute to share with me how you do those things!! :) My e-mail is I'd appreciate your help! Thanks so much!!

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