Friday, October 24, 2008

Metallica meets the Children's Song Book!

Disclaimer: Long Post ahead. Labor Stories, Tantrums, Meltdowns. (Stories from the Trenches.)

And, so went the ending to our night. After our really fun Halloween Party-Part 3, with great effort I put my well sugared, overtired (great combo) kids to bed. Then I went to nurse Fin in her room, directly above the kids room where Ky was having an all out screaming match with her brother. I couldn't quite make out what was being said, so I decided they were singing my praises.

When this strategy could no longer keep away the angry throat welling up inside, I decided to sing, rather than storm down the stairs, promptly provide each kid with a good spank and perhaps a muzzle.

In the end I settled on "[Singing my] favorite hymn . . . with vigor and vim." I'm not sure what 'vim' is, but I took it to mean Metallica meets the Children's Song Book. I choose my favorite "A child's prayer". There was something about belting out a children's hymn, rocking a little baby, and 2 screaming toddlers in the background that brought humor to my heart. Fin must have found the combo soothing because she fell fast asleep.

Hooray for the Children's Primary Songs that bailed me out once again. And since this blog is the only journal I keep, I just want to add my testimony that the hymns are inspired and I love them. I find that good music in general softens my heart and helps me feel the Spirit. I'm thankful for the atmosphere it brings to our home.

The kids and Jess and I sing together just about every night. None of us sing well. Me being the worst, and I'm not trying to give myself airs. When I was little my mom told me the truth, "Honey, your tone deaf." Alrighty then. If you can't trust your mom, who can you trust.

Music helps me in my role as a mother. More times than I would like to count I have found myself singing, "Do as I'm dong" because it helps me make good choices when I'm frustrated with the kids. I figure I am their primary example of what a parent is like. How we parent will most likely influence how our children will parent later in life, whether we want it to or not.

I also sing when I'm scared. For instance, Labor. Yes, I sing straight through labor. All three times. With Ky, Jess held my hand and sang right along with me. "I love to see the temple..."and "Families can be Together Forever". Cheesy, out right weird, I know. I can't imagine how odd it must have seemed to the nurses flinting about. They probably thought, "Singing during labor is weird but, What's a temple?" Couldn't we have at least picked more normal songs.

When I was getting my epidural with Fin. I was so focused on not moving that I didn't notice I was singing until Dr. Lepert started singing along. Of course he didn't know "A child's prayer" so he chimed in with "I feel pretty, oh so pretty..." We sang it together and the next thing I knew it was all over.

I love to sing. And, before I had kids I prayed so often to have a pretty voice, by the time I had a baby so I could sing to him or her, that I really thought the Lord would bless me with one. As I look back now it makes me giggle. Maybe he didn't bless me with my wish so I could learn that the "Tone Deaf" of the world could also find joy and blessings through singing.


Ashley said...

I sing the primary songs when I'm feeling frustrated with children too! It sure does help a lot. thank heavens for primary songs.

Carrie said...

Oh Steph!! This is why I love you. It doesn't matter that we live a kabillion miles apart and that I haven't actually talked to you in almost as many years. Your blog tells all! And it reminds me that you must be the only woman in the world that could think to sing primary songs while in labor and get your doctor to sing along. I love it! Love you!!!

Jenny said...

Oh stephanie you are the sweetest person alive!! I love all your analogys "angry throat' i know that feeling, and how you sing through labour, just brings a smile to my face!!!

Keeping Up With The Joneses said...

Steph I always prayed for a beautiful voice to sing to my children with as well, didn't get it either. I figure it keeps me needing others, so fine. I'll continue to sing with my awful voice that tortures instead of soothes my children!