Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm not sure which is harder, loving a body in transition. . . or dressing one.

I love the all out girly style that is all the rage right now. But, those cute baby doll dresses and tee's really do nothing for the post baby belly I'm sportn these days. Today while out garage sale hopping with Whit, I couldn't help but notice how cute we looked with her 4 month prego belly and my 4 month post prego belly that were sadly too close in size!! Geezeeee!

Are these cute kiddos really worth all this? I know it wasn't but a year ago that I was complaining about this same sort of thing (see "My New Relationship with Gravity"). I suppose spacing my kids a bit further would really help in the Battle of the Mom Bod, but the little squirts are so cute, I couldn't wait any longer to have them! Besides, "that's one doddle that can't be undid, Homeskillet" (thanks Rainn), so no use complain'n.


houseofhud said...

As if you have a belly that looks 4 months prego. I think you look great!

whitney said...

Nice try Steph. Not even close to my preggo-ness. I wish my 4 month post baby belly was as cute as your's. I'll be honest, you do have a little bit of post baby belly. Who doesn't? Beside Jill of course! But now with that said, you must believe me when I say it is a nice toned baby belly. Evenly distributed and looks good in whatever you are wearing. Because I carry my kiddos soooo low, I have a post baby belly that is literally an extra pouch of skin that hangs over my pants!
You look amazing right now!