Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oh, It is Love. . .

Last week as Jess and I were driving to go have dessert with friends the word "anniversary" popped in my head, and it dawned on me, "Did we forget our anniversary?" I asked aloud, more to myself than him. We just giggled, clapped a high five, and figured we'd make up for it next year. . . so I thought.

On Saturday, I woke up feeling so queasy that Jess thought it best to get right to the heart of the matter with a double dose of Gravel. That was my first go round with Gravel, and I reacted the same as I do to the epidural. It knocked me out cold. And, when I came too, I couldn't talk right, or walk a straight line.

Luckily it wore off a bit by that evening, when Jess took me out for dinner. After dinner he said he wanted to show me a new building his company was trying to buy. I'm not sure how I didn't catch on when he took me into the Pallisar Hotel downtown. I guess I was still a bit out of it. He acted lost, and then pulled out a key and said maybe we should try this door. Inside the room were rose petals scattered about and a sweet letter on the bed. It was the perfect way to spend our 6th anniversary. Just lounging around, eating all sorts of odd fruits, eclairs, and sipping the elixar of life (A&W) out of wine glasses. We even went for a dip in their spa.

I get grossed out by swim change rooms, so we dressed in our room and then wore the luxurious Hotel robes down to the pool, which seemed really fancy, until we got funny looks as we strode through the elaborate halls in nothing but robes. Of course, this just made us giggle too. It was such a fantastic little get away, 20 min. from our house and our 3 kids! Thanks honey.


The Blair Family said...

Great my wife thinks I'm a loser and Jess is the man. Our last anniversary we just went out to dinner and decided to put the rest of the money we might have spent to buying a video camera....very practical....and very unromantic, especially compared to this whole charade.

by the way, you might be wondering..... we still don't own a video camera

Carrie said...

So so cute! I say Jess is the man too. By the way, what's Gravel? And uh sorry to use your blog to talk to others, but Hi Billy! I see you posted here. How are you?

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

i love it!!! That's wher we stayed our wedding night. It's a wonderful little haven right here in calgary hey? What a sweet husband! Way to go Jess!