Friday, January 18, 2008

Sick as a dog but, cute as a PUPPY.

Poor Ky is sick as a dog. She went to play with Grandma today and when they got back, she just looked ill. But, it wasn't until I offered her a "case-a-walla" (quesadilla) and she declined that I knew for sure.

So, Daddy carried the limp little thing down to her bed and that's when it happened, in an instance her face turned several shades of green and then red and then out it all came, more pre-chewed raspberries than I've ever seen in my life. I tried to catch them, but my hands weren't big enough, and her dad wasn't fast enough, so the carpet, after much scrubbing, is a very light shade of pink.

I feel sort of guilty admitting this but, I love sick kidlings. I love them not sick too, but there is something so precious about those big sad eyes, that makes you want to wait on them hand and foot and feed them terrible amounts of sugar. The sweet little whimpers, and all the snuggles, I can't help it, kids are teeth clenching adorable, when they're sick!

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